"Am I cool now babe?" "No. It made you look hotter and..." "And what?" "More like Leonardo Dicaprio" "Babe..."

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close up shots of my models similar to these are what i would like to use on my front cover as well as double page spread as it gives a more personal style to the audience

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adrian (psychology major) stylish and playful, adrian is the life of the party. he's curious, and can be caring at the most surprising of times.

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this picture of cole sprouse playing on a nintendo while he smokes & cries off his makeup is very important to me.

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"Calm down. It's just a few people." Cole explained. "A few! How many are a 'few'!?" "700 people."

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"yo, I'm Cole. I go out a lot, smoke, and drink. don't know if I'm the best person to be around. I do hookups, but I've never been in a real relationship. I'm twenty one and looking forward to meeting people I guess. introduce?"

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