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Coldplay anuncia disco com participação de Beyoncé; ouça o novo single

@tidal are celebrating the upcoming release of A Head Full of Dreams (out Dec with the live stream of presented by @KROQ. The band will be performing tracks from the new album for the first time at the Belasco Theater in LA on Friday the

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When Kyu/Wookie/Yeye/Daesung/T.O.P./D.O./Chen opens his mouth. Just like this. Feelings, babe, feelings.

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Coldplay Announces New Album A Head Full of Dreams, Releases Single, Songwriting, American Songwriter

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I have just realize that the wings from #GhostStories are like the shape of a broken heart<--- how cheesily brilliant... Anyway all the album covers through the years you might hate Coldplay many do but there's some good designs here

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Graphic design inspiration

After they killed it at the Grammys, I had to give Coldplay's latest, Mylo Xyloto, a try. Just listened to it from start to finish the other night. I personally like their old stuff better, but this was very enjoyable and the cover art is cool.

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15 Cosas que hoy usas pero ya no existirán en el 2030

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OH MY GOD THIS IS JUST IT. Like, every single time!!! PS I absolutely adore this url!!

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My favourite album's include Parachutes and A Rush Of Blood To The Head .I literally love all their songs, some include; Don't Panic, Spies, Shiver, Sparks, We Never Change, Green Eyes, The Scientist, Clocks, God Put A Smile Upon Your Face and Everything Is Not Lost. The list goes on...

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