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Coldplay - A rush of Blood to the Head


Or when they become big and I always feel bad because you want them to make it big and stuff, but you don't want to share them<--IM NOT THE ONLY ONE

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LoTR Weighs In On The American "Sherlock"

O, Always In My Head, A Sky Full of Stars, Everything's Not Lost, Yellow, Princess of China, Paradise, Hurts Like Heaven, Us Against The World, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, A Rush of Blood to the Head, Politik, Clocks, The Scientist, In My Place, Till Kingdom Come, Twisted Logic, Fix You, X&Y, Swallowed in the Sea, Square One, Viva la Viva, 42, Atlas - Boromir is right there's too many amazing ones (but at least I tried)


Coldplay / A Rush of Blood to the Head / Release date: 2002 / My top 5 tracks: Politik In My Place Clocks Warning Sign A Rush of Blood to the Head ------------------------------- Definitely my second favorite full length record of theirs. Its a classic! by vinyl_gold