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Cold Stone Application

Kiss of Life by Josephine Wall #art #Wall #fantasy As the handsome Prince wanders through the enchanted garden, he comes upon a fountain and is drawn to the beauty of the statue of a young maiden. Without knowing why, he plants a tender kiss upon her hand, and to his amazement, and joy (as if a spell is broken), she slowly comes to life, and the cold stone is transformed into warm flesh. He knows he has found his one true love. Fairytales can come true.! Josephine. (Acrylic on Canvas)…

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5. Social Security rules can change at a moment's notice.Understanding Social Security is hard, but even worse is the fact that once you think you have a rule down cold, it can change. Americans found that out late last year, when new changes eliminated the file-and-suspend option and restricted application strategy for most future participants. Because your benefits aren't written in stone, you need to stay aware of potential program changes. That way, you can weigh in with your…

Stone Therapy is the application of stones in a thermo-therapeutic massage. This is an age old therapy dating back 5000 years. When heated, the rocks penetrate the muscles and ease tension. The cool stones soothe inflammation. When hot and cold are alternated, the circulation is stimulated, thereby assisting the body in self-healing. Ideal gift for your partner or simply treat each other to a romantic sensual night of therapy!!!

The application of both hot basalt #stones and cold marble stones is a sensual and relaxing experience. When hot and cold are alternated, the circulation is stimulated, thereby assisting the body in self-healing. The stones can be placed down your spine, along your arm or leg and even in between your toes--anywhere you feel the need.


Cold Stone Creamery Job Application Cashier, Team Member, Cake Decorator, Shift Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Store Manager Apply today! #jobs #hiring

~Natural stone - Onyx A translucent stone with a glossy, polished surface, onyx is composed of crystalline silica, it’s a semi-precious stone. Often found in caves, onyx is formed by the slow flow of cold, carbonated spring water. Onyx is available in pastel shades of yellow, brown, orange, and white. It’s most common uses are slabs, tiles, table bases, lamps, scones, fireplaces, wall covering (tiles or slabs), decorative items and a wide variety of applications… By Karina Eva

FENNEL was celebrated by the ancient Greeks, who commonly referred to it as “marathon.” Fennel won this namesake following a great battle in 490 B.C. between the Spartans and the invading Persians. The village where the battle took place was called Marathon, and its rocky shoreline was covered with wild fennel. The Spartan victory over the Persians was so surprising that fennel became an emblem of longevity and victory throughout ancient Greece. Greek mythology also demonstrates fennel’s…