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Cold Stone Application

Kiss of Life by Josephine Wall #art #Wall #fantasy As the handsome Prince wanders through the enchanted garden, he comes upon a fountain and is drawn to the beauty of the statue of a young maiden. Without knowing why, he plants a tender kiss upon her hand, and to his amazement, and joy (as if a spell is broken), she slowly comes to life, and the cold stone is transformed into warm flesh. He knows he has found his one true love. Fairytales can come true.! Josephine. (Acrylic on Canvas)…


Application for Construction Industries : Concrete removal, joint removal and many mroe

Concrete removal e.g. reinforcing bar exposure Cleaning natural stone walling Expansion joint removal Floor cleaning Laitence removal Removal of all types of coatings from walls and floors, e.g. paints, bitumen, plastics, growths, corrosion Roughening and preparing concrete and stone surfaces Selective removal of surfacing e.g. spalled concrete, plaster, rendering, asphalt Cutting doorways, access ways in tunnels and concrete structures Cold cutting metal structures

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Impression Obsession Winter Chill Challenge (KittieKraft)

Impression Obsession Winter Chill Challenge


An Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Facial – it’s a relaxing ritual that will help melt away the stresses of busy lifestyles. Designed to rebalance troubled skin, it aims to build up the defence system through a hydrating cleanse, cooling serum and the application of a double mask – a facial mud followed by a repairing mask to boost skin’s natural radiance. A series of massages, cold stones and aromatic oils, followed by a scalp, neck and shoulder massage. #ezonefashion


Stone Therapy is the application of stones in a thermo-therapeutic massage. This is an age old therapy dating back 5000 years. When heated, the rocks penetrate the muscles and ease tension. The cool stones soothe inflammation. When hot and cold are alternated, the circulation is stimulated, thereby assisting the body in self-healing. Ideal gift for your partner or simply treat each other to a romantic sensual night of therapy!!!

The application of both hot basalt #stones and cold marble stones is a sensual and relaxing experience. When hot and cold are alternated, the circulation is stimulated, thereby assisting the body in self-healing. The stones can be placed down your spine, along your arm or leg and even in between your toes--anywhere you feel the need.


Woow! Amazing marble - INTERIOR DESIGN ∙ LONDON HOUSES ∙ KNIGHTSBRIDGE - Todhunter EarleTodhunter Earle