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Coffee During Pregnancy

Foods to avoid during pregnancy & reasons why. I guess I'll be eating only Saltines in 10 years or so.

from POPSUGAR Moms

A Pregnant Guide to Starbucks and Caffeine Intake

A Pregnant Guide to Starbucks and Caffeine Intake: While some women feel more energetic during pregnancy, some (read: many) women may still need that little boost from their daily cup of joe — or maybe coffee is a luxury in their daily routine that they're not willing to give up just because of their pregnancy.

from Mama Natural

Can You Drink Coffee While Pregnant

Is caffeine safe while pregnant? Here's the research around drinking coffee while pregnant, a midwife's opinion, and what other natural mamas are doing.

Can you still drink that cup of coffee now that you're pregnant? Find out the answer and learn how having caffeine during pregnancy affects your baby.

How Much Coffee is Safe During Pregnancy? #pregnancy #coffee

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Turns Out, You Can Drink a Small Amount of Coffee During Pregnancy After All

Yes, no, yes, no, OK, fine, maybe it's all right to have caffeine during your pregnancy, the ACOG concludes. (Again).

from The Stir

Drinking Coffee During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

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