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12 Mind-Blowing Ways To Cook Meat In Your Crockpot

There are many, many variations on the cocktail weiner recipe. I’ll show you a few of them here on this page, including the one that we used for our party which is just below.


Crockpot Christmas Cocktail Wieners

Looking for an appetizer to take to your next gathering? These cocktail weiners are always a hit plus they can be made in the crockpot!


Crock Pot Cocktail Weiner's


Cocktail Weiner Recipe This cocktail weiner recipe is one that we made for my Dad's 80th birthday party. We decided to go with finger foods and appetizers and the cocktail weiner recipe fit right in. We set out a buffet of croissants, chicken sa

How to Make Little Smokies in a Crock Pot With Grape Jelly Sauce

How to Make Little Smokies in a Crockpot: Cocktail Wieners or Little Smokies with Grape Jelly Barbecue Sauce