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What a can of Coca-Cola REALLY does to your body in just an hour

Do you know how much sugar is secretly sneaking its way into your system?

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Well that's where drug lords have been going wrong they're the wrong age.

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Tall Walls: Various Decorating Tips For You

Wallpaper then shelving on top Outstanding lighting office ideas See more at:

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MARLENE DIETRICH JOHN HUSTON & TALLULAH BANKHEAD high as a kite (what we here in the colonies call 'off her face') Radio City Film Party Jan 22 1949. Tallulah had a lifelong cocaine & drinking problem, & was known for her parties that lasted days. Celebrating an award by N.Y movie critics to Huston for his direction of The Treasure of Sierre Madre. Marlene in DIOR & Tallulah most likely in Hattie Carnegie or Mainbocher. (please follow minkshmink on pinterest) #marlenedietrich…

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José Fernandez death: autopsy finds cocaine and alcohol in pitcher's system

José Fernandez death: autopsy finds cocaine and alcohol in pitcher's system | Sport | The Guardian

How To Eat Less Sugar

While sugar consumption is one of toughest food habits to kick, reducing your intake is one of the most powerful changes you can make to impact your overall health – from boosting energy and the immune system to improving wrinkles and skin tone. In recent years, countless health experts have proven sugar is one of the most addictive substances, akin to cocaine and morphine, so it’s no surprise to hear it can wreak havoc on mind and body.

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18-piece service FÄRGRIK White/stoneware

IKEA - FÄRGRIK, 18-piece service, white/stoneware, , The dinnerware’s simple, functional design is easy to coordinate with other colours and shapes - and makes FÄRGRIK the perfect base for many types of meals. £13.50

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Jose Fernandez: Baseball star had cocaine and alcohol in system

Miami Marlins star Jose Fernandez had cocaine and alcohol in his system when he died in a boat crash, an autopsy finds.

Aaliyah (born Aaliyah Dana Haughton), recording artist, dancer, actress and model. With album sales around 30 million worldwide, she is credited for helping redefine R+B and hip hop in the 1990s, earning the nickname the "Princess of R+B".

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