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#3 Tambu depended on this green mealies. If she didn't sell them she wouldn't be able to receive the education she needs. Mr. Matimba was very kind with her when he volunteered to help her sell them.


For those of you who have seen us around at BBQ competitions, you will know that we like to cook on the Cobb portable cooking system. I love this recipe, adapted from, BBQ Makes Everything Better it...


Cover for the COBB Portable Charcoal Grill COVER. The cover has ADDED STORAGE, a vast improvement on the original item not only padded to protect your cooker, but with many padded compartments to hold your oven lid, frying pan, wok (at a push), several Cobb stones and utensils. There is even room for several days supply of charcoal. United Kingdom $46


Cobb® Barbecue Cooking System - From Lakeland I found one of these cheap on ebay, now to get to grips with how to use it!