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A small poster from the miners strike of 1984-5. The pit is Abercynon Colliery South Wales.

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Protect ponies from misery and toil down the mines

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Coal man delivering coal. Most people had coal bunkers in their back gardens where the coal man emptied the sacks of coal.

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The Black and White Minstrel Show - we hadn't heard of PC in those days!

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Three Welsh coal miners just up from the pits after a day's work in coal mine in Wales, photo by W. Eugene Smith

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© Shirley Baker Carrying in the Coal - Salford, Manchester, 1964.Through the house to the coal shed in the back.

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Miners strike = not enough coal for the electricity power stations = 3 day working week to save the power = reduced income. Those long dark evenings playing cards by candlelight. Taking the dinner to cook in the neighbours gas oven. Then, the bin men went on strike, then the gravediggers. . . .

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Crammed into a coal mine elevator, coming up after a day of work

Crammed into a coal mine elevator, coming up after a day of work (Belgium) 1890

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Child Labor at the coal mine. Turn of the century. This little guy is so young, but looks mean as shit!

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Eierkohlen schleppen für die Kachelöfen in der Wohnung - oder auch, um im großen runden Badeofen das Wasser für die Badewanne vorzubereiten

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Cefn Coed Colliery, 1926 - this is how the men were taken down the mine shaft to work.

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Google Image Result for

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Geevor Mine - popular preserved mining site and museum - 1hr 40mins.

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Miners on way to the pithead baths after a shift at Ashington (New Moor) Colliery in Northumberland

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