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Reusable Paper Towel Tutorial... six or more fabric "paper towels" that are attached end to end with snaps and pulled off when one is needed


Replace Disposable Products with Reusable Ones

Replace Disposable Products With Reusable Ones | Even reducing one or two disposable products will go along way to helping your budget and the environment! Check out these great ideas! Frugal living, thrifty living, money saving ideas, homemaking


Practical, Reusable Gifts That Keep On Giving All Year Long

Paperless Towels and Other Practical, Reusable Gifts that Keep On Giving All Year Long | green living | reusable products | Mindful Momma

cloth paper towels- No sew, no snaps, no velcro- just some towels (or thrifted terry cloth) + oatmeal tube + small waste basket. This seems within reach.


DIY Multi-Use Kitchen Towels

I wonder if hanging our cloths like this will help my husband reach for them over paper towel. diy-reusable-kitchen-towels


How to Go Zero-Waste in the Kitchen: 7 Simple Steps