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Tonal Lace Shift Dress - New In This Week - New In


buck & doe prize idea - guess # of beer caps - win a liquor store gift card - have the gift card donated $1 a guess and it is pure profit


Everytime I look at my furnace intakes, I ask myself if it’s time to change the filter yet. It usually is, and I have to run down the street to get a cheap fiberglass filter at the closest dollar store. Fortunately, the cheap filters are just as good as the expensive HVAC filters for a couple reasons: obviously, they are cheaper, and secondly, they allow for greater air flow thus reducing the amount of energy used. A win-win all around. See more at…

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40 Dahlias Wedding Bouquets and Cakes


Reach out to local companies for donations such a complimentary pizza card and head to your closest dollar store. Prize pack for under $5

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25 Ways To Organize Your Home Using Items You Can Find At The Dollar Store

Still not done. Need to drop by at the dollar store some time and buy some diamonds, Rhinestones, Stars and other stuff I could add. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Third of my most closest replicas of santos.>.<