Great Tip. *****NOTE*****on I tried this. I could not get it to work. Kept on coming undone.

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Picture of The End of the Chip Clip: how to fold a chip bag closed without using any clips! Brilliant!

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Folding the Bag Trick 1. Fold the top of the bag over about an inch with the fold facing away from you. 2. Continue to fold the bag down until you have reached the chips. This will push the air out of the bag. 3. Fold each corner of the top of the bag toward you and the center of the bag, which will bend the bag the opposite direction you were folding it before. The corners should make a small triangle shape on each side of the bag. 4. Place your thumbs over the corners. 5. Tuck…

There are a few camps when it comes to closing chip bags. There are the crumplers and the rollers, and then there are the people who have their lives so together that they accessorize their snacks with special-made clips. Confession time: I am not one of those people. Fortunately, however, there's an easier way to keep your chips fresh — no clips required.

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