Love a dude in uniform. Even Clone Troopers. Yes, I have a problem. Just shoot me! :-/ Photo by johnblackk

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The DC-15A blaster rifle was one of the standard issue weapons for clone troopers. While the use of blasters allowed a clone trooper to carry significantly more ammunition (500 shots) than a projectile weapon, the DC-15A was a heavy 9.5 pounds, and despite the weapon's size, it was not a true dedicated repeating blaster rifle; the inherent instability of plasma gas in the blasters reduced the weapon's accuracy under sustained fire. Even so, it was a very powerful weapon.

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The Bounty Hunter Evolution of Boba Fett #Infographic #StarWars #Entertainment

The Bounty Hunter Evolution of Boba Fett #Infographic #StarWars #Entertainment

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