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How To: 5 DIY Methods for Unclogging a Clogged Toilet Without a Plunger


The Top 10 Plumbing Fixes

The Top 10 Plumbing Fixes: Save money by doing simple plumbing repairs yourself. These fixes are completely DIY with basic tools and skills.


12 Shocking Ways to Use Dawn Dish Soap UNCLOGGING TOILETS A cup of Dawn detergent poured into a clogged toilet allowed to sit for 15 minutes and then followed with a bucket of hot water poured from waist height will clear out the toilet.

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This was posted for toddlers but I think My husband missed out on this training and could still benefit from it...For later toddler years: The "You Shall Not Pass" sign. A visual limit to how much toilet paper the child can take! Great for potty training!