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Just Peachy Champagne Spritzer. | | Perfect patio summer drink. In about 3 minutes. #how I summer.

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Crackerjack - it was Friday night at 5 to 5 I served Leslie Crowther at my saturday job shop once but too shy to present his change with a cheery "Crackerjack" !!

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British artist Mark Oliver has created a series of insects called “LitterBugs” brought to life entirely from trash. Using eyeglass-arms for antennae and clock hands for legs, the species was developed in order to adapt to the harsh and changing urban landscape.

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A few years ago in Autumn my daughter said " Mummy you are more beautiful than the leaves". I can not think of a better compliment!

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Mary Seacole, Jamaican Herbalist. During Crimean War performed surgery on the frontline and established the "British Hotel" providing supplies for soldiers and quarters for sick and infirmed.

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