Clock partners is a great way to get students paired up quickly. It can be a good way for students to work with different students every day and build strong partnerships overtime.

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Clock Partners- The students make an appointment with another student on each hour of the clock. When you need your students to pair up for activities or review skills, simply say, "Go to your 2 o'clock appointment." this idea!

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FREE! Use Clock Buddies to quickly and easily pair students for partnered activities. This is an excellent way to avoid students always partnering with the same person, or partnering with someone they might not work well with. When you need your class to work in partners, just call out the time spot that is appropriate, "Get with your six o'clock buddies." Note: For older students, you can change the name to "Clock Partners".

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Science Notebooking: Clock Partners Beginning of year, have students put one name in each slot. During the rest of the year, you can say, "get with your ___o'clock partner and ______" GENIUS!

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