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The Clinton-Warren Kumbaya Moment May Give Way to Tension After November

The two politicians have sometimes regarded one another warily, but are now united in their opposition to Donald Trump.

Rumors of Pending ARREST begin to flow! Obama, & top Dems "Un-Follow" Hillary Clinton on Twitter, DELETE all Twitter History about her!

Mt. Nasty tee-shirts, fall 2016: Hilary Rodham Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama

from the Guardian

Elizabeth Warren: 'nasty women' will defeat Trump on election day

Massachusetts senator and Trump tormenter-in-chief turns insult into rallying cry in support of Hillary Clinton, as partnership hints at progressive agenda. Elizabeth Warren'sspeech "nasty women" Bravo! The Guardian, October 2016


Warren: Next Administration Should Probe, Maybe Jail Wall Street Bankers

In trying to reopen the investigation, she’s telegraphing her new Senate tactics—and sending a message to Hillary Clinton.