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Cleaning A Microfiber Couch

The best thing about a microfiber couch is how easily they can be cleaned. Read tips on easily cleaning water stains on a microfiber couch! @diyjustcuz


How to clean microfiber with professional results

Today my friends, I’m going to teach you how I saved a boat load of money by cleaning my own sofa! This method I have used for years now that I have had two microfiber sofas. I learned this method originally when my cute little toddler decided to take an ink pen to my couch... Read More »


Cleaning Tip Tuesday: Cleaning A Microfiber Couch


Cleans microfiber couches!!! I tried using rubbing alcohol and windex. Neither of them worked for my microfiber couch. Wether you have dogs or not this will work. The sponge is also essential because it has the scratchy surface that rubs the dirt up and the sponge that absorbs all the dirt underneath. Both of these items can be purchased at Walmart. I have tried many things and this has been the best at getting my microfiber couches clean.


An Alternative Way to Clean a Microfiber Couch

Cleaning a Microfiber Couch the Environmentally Friendly Way - Gigglebox Tells it Like it is -