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How to Clean Your Jetted Tub

How to clean your jetted Jacuzzi tub with bleach and 20 mule team Borax laundry booster.

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Remove Hard Water Deposits From Your Bathtub . . . No Scrubbing Required.

How to get rid of those hard water deposits that are just too built up for vinegar. Especially handy for cleaning the jets in bathtubs.

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How to Clean a Jetted Tub Naturally

How to Clean a Jetted Tub 1

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Cleaning A Jetted Bathtub

Why Should You Be Cleaning a Jetted Bathtub... Why should you be cleaning your jetted bathtub?  Dirty bath water contains remaining soap, skin cells, body oils and bacteria that are naturally pres

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Cleaning a Jetted Tub

Tips on cleaning a jetted tub. How to effectively and easily clean the inside of the jets in your bathtub. #ad

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How to Clean the Jets in a Jet Tub. All you need is ONE Ingredient! |

For jacuzzi tubs, get all the jets super clean by using a coffee filter and rubber band over the return pump drain. The coffee filter will collect any debris or gunk that comes out while you circulate bleach through the jets with HOT water for about 35 minutes. Use cascade or comet to keep bubbles from overwhelming the area.