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Morning Routine Activities: Getting Your Students Energized for Learning

Struggling to get your students focused when they arrive for school? Here's several morning routine activities to get them energized for learning!

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Taming the Morning Madness

Are your mornings crazy and unpredictable? It's time to settle into a morning routine that sets your students (and you!) up for success!

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Research suggests that the first 5 minutes a student spends in your classroom each morning will set the tone for the entire day of learning… If they come in and have a focused task, it is much easier for them to remain in that mindset of learning through the day. When your students enter …

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Fun Ways to Start the Day in the Elementary Classroom

Are you looking for meaningful morning activities for your classroom? Limit the worksheets and check out some hands-on, curriculum-related ideas that will get your students learning from the moment they walk in the classroom! From brain breaks to warm-up activities to morning meeting, it's here!

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Classroom Morning Routines: Start the School Day in an Organized Way

5 Teacher Tips for the First Day Back From Winter Break: Simple and Important Reminders for Primary Teachers - Miss DeCarbo shares classroom management ideas for a smooth transition back to school. Learn why to intentionally add white space to your lesson plans, how to eliminate stress during morning work, and what routines, procedures, and rules to spend time reviewing.

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Last minute board produced some super sweet and thoughtful responses. #miss5thswhiteboard #iteachfifth #teachersfollowteachers

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