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Back to School Night/Open House - asking for donations (of time/help or items for the classroom). Have them sign up on a sheet and take the hand home to remind them!


I use these cards to thank parents for donating to our classroom. I hope you can use them too!These Cards are Part of the File Below Classroom Wish List Selfies Set 2

Set up a "Giving Tree" for Open House and/or Parent Teacher Conferences. Cut out some apples and write what supplies you need on the apples. An easy way for parents to donate to your classroom.

from BuzzFeed

35 Cheap And Ingenious Ways To Have The Best Classroom Ever

35 Cheap And Ingenious Ways To Have The Best Classroom Ever will help a lot during the class management!


I LOVE the simplicity and organization in this room. There is some color, but it is not overwhelming. I think that the trendy "cute" in the classroom can get to be cluttered and students are distracted by this in the end. GREAT IDEAS.


asking parents to donate something without getting a million of the same thing.... open house/back to school night?


Hollywood/Space Themed Classroom Wish List: Posted on a cabinet door in front of the classroom, each star lists a classroom need. Parents can take a star and provide the desired item. Taking the star prevents duplicates from being provided and allows a strong visual for you to see what's needed. Board is updated as needs arise.