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Triangle Review Worksheet (Classify, Missing Angles, Area)

Review worksheet covering classification of triangles, missing angles of triangles, and area of triangles. ...


A brilliant video lesson designed for children to teach them about \'classification of triangles by angles\'. This unique lesson will teach them about different types


Plate Tectonics Powerpoint Show and Graphic Organizer

Classifying Triangles Worksheets

Triangle Classification - Fifth Grade Common Core Math Packet. This packet is perfect for preparing students for Common Core assessments, practicing key skills, and tracking student mastery of Common Core skills.This is Polygon Classification Packet #2.


A great lesson and game on 'Triangles' for Grade 3. Kids can learn about equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangle, and hence expand their geometrical skills.

Classifying Triangles Book

This 9 page book features the different classification of triangles (angles and sides), parts of a triangle (vertex, leg, base angles), solving for...

FREEBIE! This geometry scoot features types of lines, angles and names of shapes. It also includes the classification of triangles by sides and by angles. There is also a recording sheet and an answer key. I hope your kids enjoy this fun activity that gets everyone involved and moving!