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Hiya, this pack includes a student certificate, tokens to give out for points (in cases where the IWB can't be accessed immediately you can give the token so they can trade them for a point later on), reward selector cards (such as use the teachers chair for a class or choose a reward from the prize box) and a little card to put on the students desk or as a necklace to say that they were the class champion the previous week. All are decorated with the Class Dojo Avatars.

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Do you Class Dojo

grade teacher Amber Calderon describes how she uses the Class Dojo app to create a positive class environment. One interesting feature of this app is that it automatically informs parents on a weekly basis of how students are doing. Here's the link:

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A Class DOJO Prize Center. This is an easy way to set up a reward system for students to be rewarded for their points. The signs are available for free download. Easy to make and out of the way. Really adds to your classroom management system.

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