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How to Make Class Books

Have you ever made class books with your kids? There's nothing a child loves more than seeing his or her own picture in a book! Class books help create motivation to read and are great additions to...

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Whose Smile? Preschool Homemade Photo Book

Whose Smile? Preschool Homemade Photo Book For me I'm going to create it but have more of a feelings book with flaps. To teach words like sad, happy, scared, surprised. Then have different faces of people my son knows

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How to Make Class Books


Pete the Cat: shoes and class book! Love Pete the Cat!!!!! And so do our kids! The whole class goes around singing "I'm rockin in my school shoes!"

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DIY friendship books

A DIY friends Book for preschoolers so that you can remember the friends that they had a toddler and add to as they get older #readforgood

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What is Environmental Print?

Have students bring an empty box from their favorite cereal and make a class book titled, "What's for Breakfast?" Each page can say, "(name) eats (cereal)" ≈ ≈

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Preschool Preposition Class Book with Photographs (ELL)

ESD: Developing a sense of self "Help children identify themselves as unique individuals and as members of different groups. (NC FELD, 2013)"

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The Gingerbread Man Loose in Our School! Class Book & Gingerbread Exchange