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Claiming Head Of Household

Jerry Shores, a freed slave, claimed a homestead near Westerville, Nebraska.The Homestead Act allowed any head of household over 21 to stake a claim to public land. The Act took effect 1/1/1863 -- the same day Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. Many Black Americans looked to the West as a place where they would have the freedom to own their own land. “Head of a household” included a single woman, or a single mother, and widows of Union soldiers could “prove up” a claim more…

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Head of Household Filing Status, Explained

Taxpayers claiming the Head of Household filing status benefit from a higher standard deduction and lower tax rates than single taxpayers.

Essential Oils Home & Cleaning Cheat Sheet #DIY #health #home
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101 Essential Oil Uses and Benefits -

Essential Oils Home & Cleaning Cheat Sheet #DIY #health #home

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How to Declare Taxes as an Independent Consultant



Tips to Help ADHD Parents Get Organized

Are you an ADD mom raising an ADHD child? Organizational challenges abound when both a parent and child have attention deficit. Find tips for getting (and keeping) the household, school life, and discipline in order here.

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Beginner's Guide to The Bullet Journal

The bullet journal is the perfect system to keep you focused and organized year-round.


head of household credit amount | ... head of household and make below that amount, you too may claim this

Your 1040 is wrong it says you are the head of this house


John Beauchamp of Holt and wife Joan, Worcester Cathedral, 1388