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Claiming Benefits

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Syrian is jailed for seven months after claiming £10,000 in benefits

Syrian jailed for 7 months after fraudulently claiming £10,000 in UK benefits

Conservatives to trial 'career houses' -- The new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Damien Green, unveiled the plans earlier today in parliament. The policy, which will see families currently claiming out of work benefits moved into special ‘career houses’ was the brain child of Damien Green’s predecessor. No,... -- #IanDuncanSmith, #VictorianRevivals, #WhisperingDeath --

What are the benefits to quitting smoking with a Vape Pen? One of the most exciting claims that have been made about vape pens is that they help people quit smoking. Until recently, evidence for this claim was mostly anecdotal. Different vape pen and e cigarette users would talk about how vaping helped them quit, …

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World's most expensive dollhouse worth $8.5 MILLION goes on display

The 29-room house will be exhibited to the public for the first time to benefit the Autism Speaks non-profit and other charities


Controversial party leader claims Muslims cheat welfare by 'having four wives'

THE controversial leader of Australia's One Nation party has claimed some polygamous Muslims cheat the benefits system by using large families to get taxpayer-funded homes...aug16

Tax credit is a benefit that helps people on a low income, with costs of raising a child. To confirm your eligibility for claiming Child Tax Credit, you can use Tax Credits Contact Number and directly speak to their customer care representatives.