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The Civil Works Administration was established by the New Deal during the Great Depression to rapidly create manual labor jobs for millions of unemployed workers. The jobs were merely temporary, for the duration of the hard winter. CWA marker at Breese Stevens Field in Madison, Wisconsin (1934)


The New Deal - Timeline of The New Deal: Using at timeline storyboard, have students plot main events of FDR's New Deal. They should include effects of The New Deal and information about the Civil Works Administration and Relief Recovery Reform.

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Photos: American Cities Pre-1950

Civil Works Administration (CWA) workmen cleaning and painting the gold dome of the Denver Capitol, 1934. (Courtesy of the National Archives

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Nostalgia for New Deal Job Plan

The Civil Works Administration (CWA), created during a lunchtime meeting in November 1933, put 4.3 million people to work 10 weeks later on roads, schools, parks, playgrounds and athletic fields. PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT's better-known WPA and Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) employed millions more and left durable monuments all over the country. . . . (PHOTO: WPA construction workers in 1936. The Roosevelt program was one of several that employed millions during the Great Depression.)


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New Deal Workers

Civil Works Administration workers on their way to fill a gully with wheelbarrows of earth during the construction of the Lake Merced Parkway Boulevard, under President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, San Francisco, California, 1934.

The CWA on that rock pillar stands for Civil Works Administration (built the outdoor stands for Irving Jr High, Pocatello ID)