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MLK I'm sure is rolling over in his grave at the antics of obama and today's politics. He had a dream. We have a nightmare.

from NY Daily News

NYC agrees to $1.5M deal of man who died in police custody

The city has agreed to pay Stanley Streeter's fiancée $1.5 million after Streeter (pictured) died as police arrested him in 2010 in Staten Island.

In 1952, Ruby McCollum, the wealthiest African-American woman in Live Oak, murdered the town’s beloved doctor, a white man named Leroy Adams. She said it was the only way she knew to end six years of rape. The case would help show that a persistent form of bondage plagued the South for a century after the Civil War — “paramour rights,” the assumption that white men had a right to use African-American women for sex.

from From up North

30 of the best photographs from 2014

Marc Bekoff says, "Be nice and kind to those with whom you disagree and move on. Sometimes it's just better to let something go, so pick your "battles" carefully and don't waste time and energy. Don't waste time "fighting" people who won't change, and don't let them deflect attention from the important work that needs to be done." (Bekoff, 2013, p. 384).


After her brutal gang rape, Recy Taylor became a global symbol of American injustice and helped inspire the civil rights movement. So why has nobody heard of her today?


The Belfast girl holds up a sign which I think reads, "NO ENTRY". The caption of this press photo read, "The Tragic Routine of Belfast: Belfast 1972--where barricades -- and bomb blasts -- are almost commonplace. The young children play a game of their own: the threat of real violence is never far away. Will their generation grow up into a Belfast of peace. -- or continuing bloodshead? Source: Camera Press.


Rosa Parks- Civil Rights heroine Rosa Parks touched off the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott by refusing to give up her seat in the colored section to a white passenger. Parks was arrested for civil disobedience but not without becoming an influential symbol for racial equality. Her court case served as step towards ending segregation laws in the south.

from the Guardian

Georgia man's lawsuit: police forced guilty plea by dangling me off bridge

Convicted of murder, Timothy Johnson spent decades in prison before being found not guilty on all charges in 2006 and finally filing civil rights case