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Cityscape Art For Home

And among all the lights, she stood still lost not knowing where to call home. The surroundings were anything but believable, surreality sunk in and she found herself wandering, feeling in need of a title. The wanderer. A girl who walked the night and kept going for years to come. She herself, to never grow up, a glimmer roaming the streets eternally.


Paris is one of my favourite places ever. I've spent a lot of time there when I was young and though it has so many bad memories attached to it for some reason I still love it and am drawn to it every time.


City Of Romance a limited edition print by Paul Kenton


50 Creative Ways to DIY Your Own Wall Art

This lamp is being used for focal lighting by emphasizing a decorated area on a wall... here it's like meta lighting.

from Etsy

London Row Houses Art Print

London Row Houses Art Print by natalieasingh on Etsy


Brewster Home Fashions Komar Birds 2-Panel Wall Mural

Birds Wallpaper Mural ideal para representar un ambiente fresco y natural, excelente opción para un pasillo con poca luz, y para lugares donde las texturas son calidas como la madera en los pisos. # decoración # diseño de interiores # feng shui.


Park Row by John Atkinson Grimshaw- one of my favorite artists. A Victorian era artist known for his night landscapes. I love the beauty of the moon!!


What had began as a few stories of houses and stores, as extra space for the ever-growing city, began to take a life of its own, building upon one story and another, toppling and sprawling, criss-crossing into a maze of pathways, a hidden knowledge known only to the inhabitance of what had become known as the "Sprawl". Jamie had never known any other place but these streets and sky-reaching buildings as his home.


Yellow facade - Paris illustration Art Print Poster Home decor Wall decor Gift…