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My cousin Thea's blog . . .I'm working on a guest post about the Betsy-Tacy homes we visited a couple months ago.

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Among the top 15 metro areas in the country by GDP, only Washington D.C. and Boston have weathered the recession better than the Twin Cities.

Mankato accepting bids for CCTV building - Mankato accepting bids for CCTV building By Joe Steck - Mankato Times MANKATO, MINN. ---The city of Mankato is now accepting Request for Proposals (RFP) for the purchase and reuse of the building at 204 East Vine Street. “Like the fire station we will look at more than just the price offered for the building,”…

City of Mankato, Minnesota: Spring Cleanup Info

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Mark Andrews Nathan Bartell Tat-Wei Yeap Often called the “City of Charm and Tradition,” the City lies in the heart of the scenic Minnesota Valley a. http://slidehot.com/resources/mankato-students-talk-about-new-ulm.55546/

Well now...@Regrann from @rustillsleeping - A #Burnsville #Minneapolis #police #officer testified Tuesday that he exchanged #racist texts with Allen Lance Scarsella the man standing trial on #felony #assault and #riot charges in the shooting of five #BlackLivesMatter #protesters. Brett Levin said he was friends with Scarsella since high school and the two stayed connected after Levin joined the #MankatoPoliceDepartment. In 2015 Levin said Scarsella frequently sent him #racially charged…

Little House on the Prairie Season 1 Episode 23 is To See the World, a heart-warming episode where Johnny Johnson runs away from Walnut Grove to the big city of Mankato and Mr. Edwards (Victor French) takes it upon himself to get him back.

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