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City of jacksonville jobs

This is skilled technical work performing digital imaging of bodies and physical evidence, processing and archiving case-related images using secure methods while preserving chain of custody, and serving as a forensic imaging consultant to the Medical Examiner Office and allied agencies. The work requires knowledge of photography methods, techniques and procedures, including digital and traditional optics, ambient lighting, and alternate light sources, which are learned through specialized…

Amazon Confirms Second Jacksonville Fulfillment Center And Additional 1,000 Full-Time Jobs

The completion of the wet demolition of two residential homes located in the Jacksonville westside was completed for the City of Jacksonville code compliance division. For a free estimate please call 904-751-1628! The Municipal Code Compliance Division enforces property maintenance, safety, and zoning codes, which affect the quality of life in Jacksonville. These laws address… Read More

A home in jacksonville houses for rent is an attractive investment option because the city has a good economy and offers plenty of job opportunities. Visit :

Barnum and Bailey Animal Parade 2013 in Jacksonville, FL - one of the duties in my job is organizing the animal walks in and out of each city. Apparently a reporter captured our Jacksonville walk, including the rather vocal protester that followed us the entire 1.5 miles.