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The Fabulous York Cat Trail is dotted with cat sculptures. Over the past two centuries felines have been placed on buildings in the historic city – some prowling, some running, others sitting proudly in the way that cats do, & some staring down on the hordes of visitors. Originally placed on buildings to scare away rats & mice which can spread disease, also thought to ward off evil spirits & bestow good luck & good health upon citizens. Today they just bring smiles to those who take the…


City of Lost Souls (TEAM GOOD= Isabelle Lightwood, Simon Lewis, Alec Lightwood & Magnus Bane) (TEAM BAD = Sebastion/Jonathan Morgernstern, Clary Fray/Morgernstern & Jace Herondale/Lightwood) Team Evil has confusing name issues! <3


Top 14 must see places in the world

Jodhpur, We are all natives living on earth, save the planet while is still time, show real love and compassion 4 life, don't contribute 2 pollution, murder and genocide, wake up world and don't support evil in any way, go organic vegetarian, kale is the meat of the future, go self-sufficient,

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30 Jaw-Dropping Pieces Of Bristol Street Art

Nelson Street, Bristol City Centre | 30 Pieces Of Bristol Street Art That Will Blow Your Mind


The Burning destroys most of the East Side of Elysian, including the Avernell's manor, which is reduced to ash.


The planet city of Sanctuary. A whole planet, lying at the centre of all reality. A nexus for travel and commerce. And the spread of evil and conquest.