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Mom's City Chicken--I first had this dish when my Polish husband's father made them years ago, and I fell in LOVE! I'm thrilled to find this version which eliminates the frying step without sacrificing flavor.


City Chicken. I grew up on City Chicken, and love it! For those who don't know, it is not chicken at all, but pork (sometimes veal) chunks on skewers. This recipe is pretty close to what I grew up making. Try it!

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Smoked fish risotto with bacon & a poached egg

It was my birthday just over a week ago, and so Mr. Scrummy and I decided to go out for a meal to celebrate. Having just moved into the city, we weren’t too sure where to go so we took a little advice and booked ourselves into a place with a pretty good reputation for …


City Chicken is the Best Fried Food on a Stick You’ve Never Heard Of (And it's not even made with real chicken!)

City Chicken Recipe - My Grandma's recipe for City Chicken! So good! There are so many versions of city chicken - all started when chicken was too expensive during the Great Depression. A staple in many farm homes still in the Midwest!


City Chicken... Previous Pinner said: Fave of mine growing up~Mom's recipe calls for dry onion soup mix added to bread crumbs. Yummy, adds more taste.