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Citizen Newspaper

I had this as a little Girl..and then was able to buy it for my was such a lovely Comic..with a Cut out doll every week too...

from eBay

Fall Deco Mesh Wreath Scarecrow Thanksgiving

Vintage Cherry Blossom - polishing your shoes regularly.....this is what we used to play...itchy dabbers (hopscotch for the posh ) and kicky the tin. Filled with soil to weight it so you kicked it from one square to the other... I of course was a grand master...played for HOURS on my own.


#commoncore History News: The Greek News, by Anton Powell. Read all About it! In THE GREEK NEWS life in ancient Greece is presented in the form of a daily newspaper written at the time. As accessible as your morning paper, THE GREEK NEWS will give young readers the unforgettable sense of actually being a citizen of an ancient nation.


Preserved Great Western Railway King 4-6-0 6024 "King Edward I" rests at Hereford during Pathfinder's Citizen newspaper sponsored Severn Wye railtour during Easter 1993. When the Kings were first built in 1927, the Great Western Railway's publicity department made the most of the new 6000 Class having the highest tractive effort in Britain - 40 300 lb against the 33 500 lb of the Southern Railway's 1926 vintage Lord Nelson class - and the longest non-stop run from London to Plymouth.


It doesn't matter what you wear or how you look, we both know what you do when you're behind the booth. When it's time to put the marker to paper... yeahhhhh.


"From Citizen Kane’s (1941, dir. Orson Welles) opening sequence, the famous gothic-style shot of Xanadu (“the costliest monument of a man to himself”), the home of newspaper magnate Charles Foster Kane." -