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Citadel Llc

The citadel of Sighisoara, UNESCO Heritage Site, considered to be the most beautiful and well preserved inhabited citadel in Europe and one of the only few fortified towns in the world still inhabited.


RoboC, Vitaly Lesnykh on ArtStation at


Medical Assistant by Ion Citadel, LLC

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Global Adventures LLC - The Inca Trail: 4-Day Trek to Machu Picchu. Take on the Inca Trail, known as one of the most sacred pilgrimages around the world, on this 4-day trek through the Urubamba Valley towards the citadel of Machu Picchu. This spiritual journey will help you understand the culture of the Incas and the archeological legacy they left behind. More info at:

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City of Chicago

Citadel, LLC Interior Corporate Workplace Signage. Completed at Gensler.


Legendary Hedge Fund Wants to Use Atomic Clocks to Beat High-Speed Traders

Legendary Hedge Fund, Renaissance Technologies, filed for a patent of atomic clock to stop HST (High Speed Traders).

Ken Griffin, Citadel LLC | $1,050,000 to Restore Our Future | #171 on Forbes 400, $3,000,000,000 Net Worth. Recently said the wealthy have “insufficient influence” in politics.