The Coco Chanel Martini is a classicly feminine martini that's so easy to make and so very delicious!

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Liquorama - Ciroc Coconut Vodka 750ml, $27.99 (

Liquorama - Ciroc Coconut Vodka 750ml, $27.99 (

Coconut Mojito (Squeeze of half a lime 6 mint leaves 1 oz. Ciroc Coconut Vodka .5 oz. coconut rum 1 oz. pineapple juice .25 oz. cream of coconut Splash of soda Sprig of mint and lime wedge for garnish)

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First made in Puerto Rico back in 1952, with this rum, pineapple and coconut cream cocktail in your hand all you’ll be missing is the sand between your toes.

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The Coconut Sunrise is one of my favorite drinks! It's super easy, has a great fruity flavor, and it's the perfect strength. And of course the Coconut Sunrise is absolutely beautiful to look at but even better to drink! Below is the simple recipe for this great drink for one or for a girls nigh in! #Vodka #Pineapple #Ciroc

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