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Circus Party Ideas

we had marshmallow circus dad used to freeze them before we would eat them!


Happy Father’s Day! Circus Peanut Salad

My fav desert as a mom used to make this all the time for me <3 Circus Peanut Salad - 1 large box orange gelatin, 30 circus peanuts candies, 2 cups boiling water, 1 can crushed pineapple or 1 can mandarin oranges, 1 cup Cool Whip

Melsters Candy Circus Peanuts

The classic circus treat that kids love! Light, airy, chewy treats are shaped like over-sized peanuts, and have a texture similar to that of a dense marshmallow


Elephant birthday cake for 3 year old. Made from two, cut 8 inch cakes. Buttercream icing. Circus peanuts for embellishment.


Circus Peanuts, just seeing this brings back memories! Why do they have to grow up?