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There are thousands of fair isle designs in the world, but often none of them are exactly what you would make if left to your own devices. It's exciting to turn your imagination into reality and also satisfying to contribute a unique design to an historical tradition. I created this design to circle around my Tulip Socks, but fair isle can show up on yokes, cuffs, hats, mittens, anywhere!

Graphing for kids ( Chart Maker for children ) ($2.99) Provides teachers and students an easy graphing learning tool. Provides step by step method to teach kids how to draw a chart. Chart maker is an easy tool for kids to input data and make a chart. In the how to part, you can learn how to make : Bar graph Line graph Circle graph Pictographs In Chart Maker, you can make : Bar graph Line graph Circle graph Horizontal bar graph. Made for kids ages 9-11.