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Gifs que explican cómo funcionan las cosas

Area of a Circle Notes & Practice

AREA OF CIRCLES NOTES & PRACTICE with focus on using the formula!These notes include:1. Guided practice questions for calculating the area of circles given the radius, and given the diameter-Lines are provided for students to write the formula, fill in the given values, and use order of operations to solve for the area using 3.14 for pi

Finding the Area of Shapes Practice Worksheet

This practice worksheet has students write the formula for each each shape, and solve for its area. Shapes included: rectangles, trapezoids, circles, and triangles

Polygons and Circles VIRGINIA SOL Grade 6 SPOT the Match Game TEST PREP

If you teach 6th grade math in Virginia...this new SPOT the Match game will be a great resource. This set of matching cards includes words, figures, and/or formulas for terms from the 6th grade Virginia SOLs including: Area Circumference Diameter Kite Rectangle Rhombus Radius Trapezoid These cards are printed 4 to a page....and then used by students in games or individual activities to find the one, and only one, match between two cards.

Area and Circumference Maze