Love this, am going to adapt it for use at Pentecost (red and yellow bubbles, how we can 'bubble over' with the Holy Spirit.

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The Candy Bar Game FUN game to play with all age groups. Have played with kids as young as four, teens, and adults... all LOVE IT. Easy to play, most supplies are already in the house, and everyone gets a candy bar in the end. Complete instructions on blog.

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Superbowl Challenge - A Football themed game for Church Youth | Game Ideas |

Cut a hole in a large drinks bottle, tie it onto someone’s head and start shooting water into the bottle with a water gun.

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Love it! Small groups lay on ground with feet (shoes on, laces untied) together. Bucket of water placed so feet holding bucket up. First team to get all their shoes off without dumping the water wins. Love it!

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