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Acid reflux symptoms should not be ignored. Chronic acid reflux can lead to further health complications GERD, Barrett's esophagus, and esophageal cancer.


Natural health - nature provides so many cures. It's great to learn more about them!

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100 relief for chronic heartburn without a drug

100% relief for chronic heartburn without a drug

Low stomach acid leads to a cascade of digestive problems. Heal low stomach acid naturally with these effective steps.


20 Natural Pain Killers - 1 Ginger-muscle pain 2 Apple Cider Vinegar-heartburn 3 Clove-toothache 4 Garlic-earache 5 Cherries-headache/joint pain 6 Fish-stomach pain 7 Grapes-back pain 8 Yogurt-prevents PMS 9 Oats-Endrometrial 10 Salt-foot pain 11 Pineapple-digestive upsets 12 Peppermint-muscle pain 13 Turmeric-chronic pain 14 Flax Seed-breast pain/soreness 15 Horseradish-sinus 16 Tomato Juice-leg cramps 17 Blueberries-bladder infections 18Honey-mouth sores 19 Water-injuries 20…


The Acid Reflux Guy

The Acid Reflux Guy^^^^lol i har acid reflex and it sucks... Oh hey important thing going on today? Oh ok time for heartburn and stomache cramps and make you insides feel as if they are on fire! Yay! I hate it i have it so where i have chronic pain


Barrett's Esophagus. This is the pre-cancer disease which ultimately led to esophageal cancer, short segment and beginning stage...thank gawd it was found early! ;) What causes Barretts? Well, chronic heartburn basically, it was found that I had I had a hyatal hernia when I was around 15, I have all my life after, suffered from gawd awful heartburn/GERD.

IT HAS A NAME!! I thought I was having a heart attack, again again. What a happy thing to know!

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Heartburn-Free Main Dish Recipes

Enjoying food is hard with heartburn. These heartburn-healthy, GERD recipes for delicious main dishes will keep your acid reflux under control.

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18 Home Remedies for Gastritis

Gastritis is common yet the problems that come with it can ruin your day. If you do become a victim of gastritis, this list of gastritis remedies can offer relief.