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I can only wonder what it's like for the guys on Doctor Who... when one is leaving, and a new regeneration of The Doctor is on set. I wonder if it's like when someone on The Walking Dead is slated to die and it's all sad... but more so on Doctor Who because you see your replacement before your run is done.


He grabbed my hand and whispered run! Never, ever skip nine. Chris was incredible. He introduced me to Who. And he will always be my first doctor. ♥


"The best thing about Doctor Who for me has been the response I've had from children, both in the street and the number of letters and drawings of me and Daleks, which are all over my wall at home. In all the 20 years I've been acting, I've never enjoyed a response so much as the one I've had from children and I'm carrying that in my heart forever." -Chris Eccleston <3


Nine, what are you doing? NINE, YOU ARE A TIME LORD, NOT A BUNNY...... I've pinned this so many times and I'm pinning it again!


My favourite gif ever. Watching it whilst listening to Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac = ultimate happiness.