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Christopher Columbus Discovered

Christopher Columbus for KS1 and KS2 Top Ten facts

from Mail Online

Author claims Chinese first discovered New World 40,000 years ago

Map of the World? It is claimed that this is an eighth century copy of the map Admiral Zheng He made in 1418. The map clearly shows the new ...


They Came Before Columbus (Paperback) Remember when you learned that Christopher Columbus "discovered" the New World. Well, that was a bold-faced lie. The "New World" was quite old to the natives who had lived there for centuries. Futhermore, this book by the renowned Ivan Van Sertima explores the evidence that ancient Africans had arrived in the Americas long before the Spanish. An excellent resource for students of history, young and old.

Christopher Columbus web. Have the students create a web contaning all of the facts they learning about Columbus including the wind patterns, season changes, and the properties of Earth they discovered. KY


Lisbon | seafront of Belem. 20 minutes from Praça do Comércio by streetcar.


FREE FOR ME! Free activities from TpT for Columbus day! This blog has a bunch of free coloring pages, crafts, and video links to enhance your Columbus Day Unit for FREE. Read more at:


Christopher Columbus Passage and Organizer FREEBIE More


Christopher Columbus Writing Craftivity Hat...holy cow these would be so cute! Maybe could make it more content based.


FREE If I Discovered America...I find it disturbing this would be used. Perpetuating the false idea that Christopher Columbus discovered America. -.- Ach, educators...ach.