handprint boat...will be perfect for when we do a week on boats in our transportation unit! or Mayflower

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1. Use Crayola® Crayons, colored pencils, or markers to decorate the ship's hull and sail. If you rub a lot of crayon wax on the bottom and sides of the hull, the ship could float in water. Use different designs on your sail to display what kind of ship it is. For example, Christopher Columbus displayed a cross on his ships' flags. Pirates are known for their skull and cross bones sails. 2. Cut out the hull and fold up along the dotted lines. Use tape to attach the flaps together. 3. Cut…

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A display at the Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai purports to compare the size of ships used by Zheng He and by Christopher Columbus.(Zheng He - the Chinese Muslim Admiral ) give a clear idea of the relative size of these two ships. Columbus's ship St. Maria was only 85 feet long whilst Zheng He's flag ship was an astonishing 400 feet.

Learn about Christopher Columbus and celebrate Columbus Day with this fun and engaging mini-unit! It includes an original informational book/PowerPoint presentation, lap book activity, Christopher Columbus hat, writing activities, language arts printables, and SO MUCH more!!! Here’s what you’ll get… A Story About Christopher Columbus – An original informational book/PowerPoint presentation Christopher Columbus Boat Craft and Lap Book -What is an explorer? -Why did people explore? -Did…

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Get ready to have your students APPLY everything they learned about Christopher Columbus in this fresh and funky Flip-Flap Book! Included in this...

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