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Christopher Columbus Accomplishments

how to draw a ship with masts-- my boys definitely liked this tutorial, although my first grader struggled with the sail-making part. They were excited about it though because they are so into ships and pirates and stuff right now.


Queen Isabel of Castile (1451-1504), known as 'Isabel la catolica' She is portrayed beside her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon


Columbus Day Worksheet: reading comprehension (Reading Informational Text) Download to save to your files and print as desired for FREE


Columbus Day Ship in a Bottle


▶ Columbus Day: Christopher Columbus Sets Sail - YouTube

A guided reading worksheet that outlines the accomplishments and deeds of explorer Christopher Columbus. This reading deals with the not-so-nice aspect of the famed historical figure, asking students to rethink their opinions of him.

74 Interesting Facts about Christopher Columbus


▶ In 1492... | Columbus Day Song For Children - YouTube

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