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Christoph Waltz, what an amazing actor i love this man. Basically any movie he's in he turns it a masterpiece. God bless you man.

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Christoph Waltz: the coolest Bond villain ever

Actor Christoph Waltz will feature on the May cover of British GQ magazine. The austrian actor who won two Oscars, has been cast as Franz Oberhauser in the

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Christoph Waltz. Totally blew me away/scared the crap out of me in "Inglourious Basterds". Want to see more of him. In interviews I've seen of him he is thoughtful, wonderfully introspective, humble, kind and sweetly engaged with other people. Really like him.

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Christoph Waltz; I loved this guy as the charming (but bad guy) German in Inglorious Basterds. Just saw Django where he is a good guy. Swoon. Sapiophile indeed.

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An actual webcam pic of Eli Roth and Christoph Waltz reading Inglorious Basterds fanfic. AMAZING.

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