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The Sword of Air by R.J.Madigan Lorcan - Massively armoured and terrifying. Maev's lieutenant. The Sword of Air by R.J.Madigan

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Karima Christine Ritter Dez. 2016: My first 3Z tile that I tangled was a gift from Tina Hunziker CZT. Thanx!

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Karima Christine Ritter, Nov.2016

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Moves from the Mahabharata: Akram Khan's Until the Lions – in pictures

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a visual language to generate choreography... This project is created by princemio and onformative. more information: choreographic consultancy: Christian Mio Loclair Raphael Hillebrand Dancer: Raphael Hillebrand (Animatronik, Battle Squad) Honji Wang (Wang Ramirez) Christine Joy Alpuerto Ritter (Akram Khan Company) sound: Alva Noto and KLINGKLANGKLONG The “Pathfinder” Project was finalized and presented at choreographic ...

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