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I don't have a fondness for Dali. However his painting of Christ on the Cross with darkness of the sky (veil) is very awesome. The perspective is truly magnificent.

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Love this - prayer cross. Basically cubbies that kids then put their prayers in. Maybe do at beginning of Lent or a prayer study.

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Not religious but always a striking image... Also love Durer. Christ on the Cross - Albrecht Durer

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scissor arches of Wells Cathedral. During the 14th century the central supports of the crossing (the junction of a Cathedral's four arms) were found to be sinking. In 1338 Bishop Ralph of Salisbury decided to build internal scissor arches to support the weight.

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I’m falling fast. I look down. I gasp as I recognize Dali’s ‘Christ of St John of the Cross’ from rainy Sunday mornings in Kelvingrove Art Galleries. I’m looking down at dark hair, hands nailed to the cross, body slumped forward almost wrenching arms from their sockets as he rises above the world. He looks up at me. It’s not Christ’s eyes that bore into mine, it’s Connor’s.

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"Ecce homo", 208x95 cm, oil on canvas,2013. Anatoly Shumkin. This reminds me that Jesus was a man who suffered as we do in his life, but also unimaginaly more for our sins on the cross.

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