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Which Jurassic World Character Are You?

We just watched this movie in my band class cuz she gave us a free day so yeah we watched Jurassic World and are ice cream and brownies it was great!

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Chris Pratt Brought His Velociraptor-Wrangling Skills To A Children’s Hospital

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Chris Pratt Charms, As Usual, In First 'Jurassic World' Clip

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Owen doing the Claire Jurassic World who runs better in high heels

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Getting real excited for the new Jurassic World movie! Or maybe just excited cause Chris Pratt.

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Chris Pratt's Mind-Blowing Prediction

Chris Pratt told us in 2009 about a new Jurassic Park and no one believed him - FunSubstance

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This Chris Pratt 'Jurassic World' tweet will give you so many feels

Pratt. Pratt. Pratt and his raptors, I don't understand why people like T-Rex, he's nothing compared to a raptor!

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I mean, he's a raptor tamer. It's like Universal had the meeting were Jurassic World was pitched, and they said "So just how sexy can we make him?" "The most sexy."

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