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Social media have big debate plans

An unlikely triumvirate — Yahoo, AOL and YouTube — is working with the Commission on Presidential Debates to launch “The Voice Of,” depots on each service for people to watch the debates live and exchange views.

Chris Matthews: Support for Trump Based on Patriotism - Breitbart

Where's the outrage? Obama's suckup and Clinton pusher....chris matthews calls benghazi mom a liar

Rememeber when hot mic caught host Chris Matthews in a little ‘locker room banter’ … about Trump’s wife!


Chris Matthews delivers an unbelievably insightful explanation of Trump’s appeal that will blow you away


WATCH: Forget Trump's Hot Mic... Here's Chris Matthews' Hot Mic MELANIA Comment

Liberal MSNBC host Chris Matthews dubbed Republican Mike Pence the winner of the election's only vice presidential debate.

from RedFlag News

Oct 4 Chris Matthews: Pence Won Debate, Kaine Seemed “Desperate”

Chris Matthews: Pence Won Debate, Kaine Seemed ?Desperate?

Chris Matthews Bashes 'Desperate' Kaine, Declares 'Eloquent' Pence Winner of VP Debate A broken clock is right twice a day.

Chris Matthews: ‘Brilliant’ Hillary Clinton Hit a ‘Home Run’; It’s ‘Over’